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Victim Quick Response+ Program (VQRP+)

COVID-19 and the VQRP+ Program

VSLG is committed to keeping our clients, our staff and our communities as safe as possible during this difficult time.  Staff continue to work 24 hours a day / 7 days a week as per our normal schedule.  This has not changed.  Our office locations, however, are currently closed to the public.  At present, VSLG staff are continuing to provide support and resources to clients by utilizing telephone, texting, email, traditional mail and video technologies in keeping with World Health Organization policies.  On-scene or in-person responses are at the request of our emergency partners only. 

Applications for VQRP+ Programs are continuing at this time.  At present, applications will be conducted remotely.  Many of our VQRP+ counselors are providing support using video and / or phone technology.  Our home emergency contractor is committed to continuing to work with us in order to ensure safety for our community (and we're very thankful for that).

We recognize that this is a stressful time and will do our best to ensure all individual's needs are met to the best of our ability and within the mandate of our services.  We are working closely with our community partners so that we can offer a coordinated response to ensure all community members are provided services.

Please reach out at any time via telephone  (1-800-939-7682) email (info@vslg.ca) or our Self-Referral form.


General Information about VQRP+

Victim Services is responsible for managing and delivering the Victim Quick Response Program on behalf of the Ministry of the Attorney General's office and is designed to provide immediate, practical assistance to victims of crime.  VQRP can provide assistance for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, physical assault, stalking & harassment related to domestic violence, homicide (including attempted homicide) human trafficking and hate crimes.  Victims can apply for assistance accessing emergency counselling services when other options are not available due to wait lists or financial constraints, assistance with emergency home safety measures such as lock changes, cell phones and contact alarms for windows, emergency transportation, emergency child and dependent care, emergency accommodations and meals and crime scene clean-up where applicable.  Homicide victims may qualify for financial assistance to help off-set the cost of a funeral (certain conditions apply).

Referrals for VQRP assistance can come from any emergency service provider, community service provider and / or individuals within the community.  There is set criteria that must be met for a victim and/ or their family to qualify including time constraints.  Historical incidents may not be qualify.  VQRP is available to all ages and genders however victims under the age of 16 require their application to be signed by a parent or guardian.

Teams of two will meet with victims, assist with the application process, facilitate all referrals and ensure that victims have the proper community supports they may require.  

Service providers such as private counselors and contractors must be pre-screened and meet set criteria prior to their name being associated with this program.