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Family Court Support Information


Accessing family law advice and assistance


Virtual Legal Clinic


Luke’s Place is opening its Virtual Legal Clinic (VLC) to women using any VAW service in any part of Ontario in order to increase access to family law support for women fleeing abuse. The VLC connects a woman with a family law lawyer via a web-based video conferencing program, for a summary legal advice consultation.


VSLG is a partner organization and referrals can be made via Jordyn@vslg.ca for Family Court Support.

We have modified our protocols for using the VLC so that women can access a consultation whether or not they are in a shelter. Appointment requests must come through a VAW/woman-serving organization.

To learn more about the VLC, see information on our website at: https://lukesplace.ca/for-women/lukes-place-virtual-legal-clinic/
If you would like your clients to be able to access the VLC, please contact us at:
kathryn@lukesplace.ca and/or 905-728-0978 ext. 230.


Other special legal services

LAO’s Client Lawyer Service Centre can be reached at 1-800-668-8257, for summary legal advice about a family law issue.

The Law Society of Ontario has opened a new help line for people requiring urgent legal assistance: 1-800-268-7568 or 416-947-3310


Contact our Family Court Support Worker for more assistance - jordyn@vslg.ca/ 1-800-939-7682 (leave a message)




Family Court Support Worker Program

FCSWP Pamphlet

FCSWP Referral Form

Family Court Information (specific to Leeds and Grenville)


Finding Legal Help

Finding Help With Your Family Law Problem

Family Law Information and Advice

Family Lawyers in Leeds and Grenville

Family Law Resources in Ontario

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Law

Fact Sheet: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation: Facts and Issues

Family Law Arbitration

Where Can I Find More Information About Family Law?

Fact Sheet: Access to Legal Representation

Legal Services in Ontario

Sources for Online legal information


Safety Planning

Planning for Your Safety

Safety Planning in Court

Safety Planning at Work (video)

Stalking and Harassment

Fact Sheet: Stalking and Family Law

Dealing with Violence at Home (for children/youth)

Financial Check List

Empowerment Toolkit


Getting Started

What You Should Know About Family Law in Ontario

A Legal Rights Handbook

Criminal and Family Law

Fact Sheet: Family Law Overview

Fact Sheet: Common Family Law Terms

Before You See Your Family Law Practitioner

Working Effectively With Your Lawyer

Why Is It Important to Tell Your Lawyer You Are Aboriginal?

Getting Through The Family Court Process

Basic Legal Information and Advice

Family Law Issues for Immigrant, Refugee and Non-Status Women

Presenting Evidence About Abuse in Family Court (video presentation)

Surviving Legal Bullying

Difference between Criminal Court Vs Family Court



Family Breakdown: What is a Legal Separation?

Marriage and Divorce

Fact Sheet: Divorce

Fact Sheet: Common Law Relationships

Separation and Divorce or Death of a Spouse: Property Division

How Property is Divided in Family Law

Fact Sheet: Property Division

Divorce Law: Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers about Divorce for Jewish Women

Domestic Contracts

Divorce and Your Credit

A Woman's Guide to Money, Relationships and the Law



Guide to Custody and Access

Child Custody and Access

Child Custody, Access and Parenting Plans

Fact Sheet: Custody and Access

Fact Sheet: Common Access Problems

Sample Schedules by Age of Child

Parenting Plans

Safety-Focussed Parenting Plans

Medium or Long-Distance Parenting Plans

Fact Sheet: Mobility -- Moving With the Children

International Child Abductions: A Manual for Parents

Custody and Access Assessments

Custody Issues for Gay and Lesbian Parents


Child/Spousal Support

Separation and Divorce: Child Support

Child Support

Fact Sheet: Child Support

Separation and Divorce: Spousal Support

Spousal Support

Fact Sheet: Spousal Support

Federal Child Support Guidelines

Child and Spousal Support When You Are on Social Assistance


Protection Orders

Protection Orders

Restraining Order: A Self-Help Guide

/photos/custom/Restraining Orders vs Peace Bonds.pdf


CAS Involvement

Children's Aid: Information for Parents

Child Protection and Family Law

What You Should Know About Child Protection Court Cases

Fact Sheet: Child Protection


Family Court Forms and Guides

1. Guide to Procedures in Family Court: Information Before You Start

2. Guide to Procedures in Family Court: Starting a Family Case

3. Guide to Procedures in Family Court: Answers

4. Guide to Procedures in Family Court: Financial Statements

5. Guide to Procedures in Family Court: Filing Documents

6. Guide to Procedures in Family Court: Serving Documents

7. Guide to Procedures in Family Court: Required Steps

8. Guide to Procedures in Family Court: Motions

9. Guide to Procedures in Family Court: Trial

Motion to Change a Final Family Court Order or a Support Agreement: Self-Help Guide

When You Are Served with a Motion to Change: Self-Help Guide

Parenting Affidavit (Form 35.1) Self-Help Guide


Articles On Parenting After Separation

Articles on Parenting and Divorce by Bill Eddy

Quick Help for Families in Transition

The Effects of Divorce on Children


For Children/Youth

A Child's Legal Guide to Separation and Divorce

Dealing with Violence at Home









www.lao.on.ca/ (Legal Aid Ontario)

www.lsuc.on.ca/ (Law Society of Upper Canada)



onefamilylaw.ca/ (information in multiple languages)